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Here's your opportunity to showcase and sell your gourd art to visitors to Northern Dipper.

We're opening up our online shop and our secure shopping platform to allow Canadian gourd artists to sell their gourd art. We've had to figure out a few rules to begin with, and we may change these over time, but here's how it works right now:

Submitting your art
1. You must be a Canadian artist selling your gourds from Canada.
2. Initially, we'll limit each artist to three items for sale at any one time. Items will appear in random order on the Art page, and we'll display an item at random on our main page. We may decide on a time limit for items to be shown, and we reserve the right to remove an item at any time.
3. To submit your art, first take a photograph of it. (Sizing your final image to 430 pixels in width is optimum for our display. Different sizes will display just fine, but the image must be no larger than 3 Mbytes in size). Then, carefully fill out the form below and submit your listing. We'll review it, and as long as it's suitable, we'll display it on our site.

Pricing, payment and shipping
4. Northern Dipper will collect payment for artwork and cost of shipping via Visa, MasterCard or PayPal, and submit payment to you via PayPal. You must have a PayPal account so that we can remit payment to you.
5. Northern Dipper will take a 20 percent commission on each item.
6. On receipt of payment from Northern Dipper, you ship your item to the buyer.

Item name:

Brief description of your piece, including gourd size:


Price in Canadian dollars. See note on shipping costs above, and please don't include the $ sign when entering your amount:

Your phone number:

Your email address:

Image file (must be jpeg format - .jpg - and no larger than 3 Mb) Optimum size, 430 pixels in width:

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