Meet the Owners

Hello everyone,

To begin I would like to take a moment to thank Carolyn and Linda for this opportunity. Without their guidance and generosity this would not have been possible. They have been simply wonderful throughout this entire process.

I have a long history with Northern Dipper and found that I was inspired every time I visited. There were always new things to see and Carolyn and Linda were both a wealth of information. I was always made to feel welcome, and I hope to carry on that legacy and more.

Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself and my family to you. My name is Lori and my husband John, along with my son Jake, Roscoe the dog and Sam the cat, reside in Barrie, Ontario. I am of Métis descent and have been crafting with gourds since I was a teen. It was my Aunt Wendy Barclay of Napanee, Ontario who introduced me to them.

For 20 years my husband John and I have been growing gourds. I have always had a passion for creating gourd art, it seems, and cannot seem to get enough of them. I, like many of you, love how the gourd speaks to you and lets you know what it is going to be. I will be sharing my art on this site as well as introducing fabulous artists from around the globe.

In short, I am ecstatic to be taking the reins of Northern Dipper and can't wait to see what 2017 will bring. The ideas are rapidly percolating in my head and it will be fun seeing where John and I can take Northern Dipper. In the interim please be patient during this transition while we get things worked out. It is all very exciting; a lot of work and invigorating both at the same time!


  Future plans:
1.  To be able to supply quality gourds at affordable prices.
2.  To be a one-stop supplier of all gourd related material. We would like our customers to get all their gourd related supplies from Northern Dipper.
3.  To focus on providing workshops to new and experienced gourders.
4.  To present at various trade shows and to educate about gourds as an art form.

Every month, you'll receive info, tutorials, features on artists and much more.
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