Now you can find high quality gourds, gourd seeds, gourd supplies and gifts at affordable prices right here in Canada.  Say goodbye to high shipping and handling costs, hassles at the border and post office fees.

   Northern Dipper is Canada's largest gourd supplier of both dried hard-shell gourds and the smaller versatile dried ornamental gourd.

   Our mission is simple: to bring Canadian artists, crafters, musicians and retailers gourds, seeds, supplies... and inspiration.
Get your gourds in Canada from Northern Dipper, your Canadian gourd supplier

Sunday, February 19, 2017
Northern Dipper @ 400 Flea Market
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Saturday, February 25, 2017
Northern Dipper @ 400 Flea Market
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Thunder Drum Kits
Make your own beautiful Thunder Drums. This kit includes 1 spring and 2 8x8" skins. Each kit is $12.00
Socket and Power Cord
Snap-in-Socket and Power cord are grea for making your own Lamps or other crafts that require a candelabra style light bulb.Indoor use only.

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VIEW - Sculpted Santa
Sculpted Santa
by Carolyn Cooper