Dried Gourds

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Northern Dipper Farm offers a large variety of both dried hard-shell gourds and the smaller versatile dried ornamental gourds.

We at Northern Dipper take great pride in trying to match our gourds to your needs. In order to serve you better, may we suggest, when you order please let us know what you will be creating with your order. We can then choose the right gourds for your application.

A note on shipping:
Gourds tend to be light and bulky. As a result Canada Post most often rates shipping costs on volume and not weight. Shipping rates costing $40.00 and under will be shipped automatically. For shipping rates over $40.00 we will contact you for confirmation before processing orders.

Apple - 6inch
Looks just like a large Delicious apple. Gourds are not pre cleaned.

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Apple Gourd - 7 inch
7 inch


Cannonball - 5 "
Round gourds Gourd are not pre cleaned.
5 inch round

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Cannonball 6 "
6 inch round gourd


Tall Boy
These beautiful tall gourds with graceful tops make beautiful vases. Bases run from approx 7 - 10 inches and approx 9- 13 iches tall. Priced from $7 - $10. each. Gourds are not pre cleaned

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Bowl Gourd Lrg 12 -13 inches
These beautiful shaped gourds make perfect bowls and vases. Full bottum with a graceful rounder top. 12 - 13 in diameter and 8 -12 in tall. $12.00 and up.

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Bowl Gourd - Medium 9" to 11"


Canteen Gourd - 6 - 7 inch
Flatter round gourd. Gourds are $1.00 an inch in diameter. Gourds are not pre cleaned.

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Canteen Gourd - Small 4-5 inches


Chinese Bottle Gourd - 14inch

14 inch

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Chinese Bottle Gourd -15 inch



Banana Gourd
These minis are an average of 6 - 8 inches long with a diameter of 1 - 2 inches.


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MINI - Miniature Bottle
Small gourd approx. 2 - 4" high. Larger bulb on the bottom, smaller bulb on top. Gourds are not pre cleaned.


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MINI - Egg


Bushel Gourd 11 - 13 inch Diameter
These beautiful gourds make great baskests and bowls. These gourds are not pre cleaned.
11 -13 "

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Birdhouse and Feeder Gourds Currently sold out.
These gourds are a variety of shapes, all great for birdhouses and feeders. Gourds are $1.50 an inch. Sizes 8 - 12 inches available. These gourds are not pre cleaned. Please enter in comment field your preferred size.
8 inches and up

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Tennesee Spinner
Small gourds popular with jewlery makers.


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Some are straight others are curled. Snake gourds are from 3 feet plus in length Available farm visits only. Price is $0.45 cents a inch
$.35 cents an inch

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