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It’s count-down - Gourd Fest is almost here! 

In this newsletter we would just like to recap a few points…



Ladybug by Anna Petek


Saturday, July 23 & Sunday July 24th.

Hours: Saturday – 10:00 AM – Dusk

           Sunday – 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Look for the bright yellow signs “CGS Gourd Fest”


We are located south of Brantford & north of Port Dover at 1666 Villa Nova Rd. Although our address is Wilsonville, we live in the hamlet of Bealton. On a map we are 3 miles east of the hamlet of Boston which is northeast of the town of Waterford. We are close to the Six Nations Reserve. Approximate driving times to the farm are: Toronto 90 minutes, Hamilton 45 minutes, Kitchener 45 minutes, London 90 minutes. For detailed maps click here.


If you use MapQuest follow the map but do not follow the written instructions. You will get lost!


NOTE:  CGS Design Competition – The latest that competition gourds can be accepted is 8:00 AM Saturday, July 23. Good luck to everyone that enters! For details click here.

For Workshop Details click here.


8:30-9:30am      Workshop Registration 

9:30-12:30am - Classes in basement (fee)

9:30-10:30am - Set up competition gourds

10:00am - Beginning of Silent Auction

10:00-10:30am - Demo:  Anna Petek -Tole Painting

10:30-11:00am - Demo: Darienne McAuley-Coiling

10:30-12:00pm - Judging of competition/Awarding of ribbons

11:00-11:30pm - Demo: Peter Bell- Tour of gourd field

11:30-12:00pm - Demo: Louise Warner-McDougall-Huichol Beading

12:30-1:00pm – Workshop Registration

1:00-4:30pm - Classes in basement (fee)

1:00-1:30pm - Demo: Bridgitte Thompson-Sculpting with Epoxy

 1:30-2:00pm - Demo: Vicki Beard-Attaching Ring Supports to Gourds

2:00pm – Hula Dancing with Spirit of Aloha

2:30-3:00 pm - Demo: Ed McAuley-Repairing Cracks in gourds
3:00-3:30pm - Demo: Peter Bell- Tour of  gourd field

3:30pm- Completion of Silent Auction

3:30-4:00pm - Demo: Louise Warner-McDougall-Tapestry

4:00pm - Hula Dancing with Spirit of Aloha - Outside

5:00pm -  Exhibits Close   

6:00-7:30pm – Entertainment with Som do Coracao (Latin music)

 7:30-9:00pm – Entertainment with Jack Barnes (World Music Drum Circle)

FEES - Barn Exhibits 2.00 - Sat. Evening Entertainment 3.00




8:30-9:30am      Workshop Registration

9:00-12:30am    Classes in basement (fee)

10:00-10:30am   Demo: Gary Devine-Chip Carving

10:30-11:00am   Demo: Darienne McAuley-Coiling

11:00-11:30am   Demo: Peter Bell- Tour of gourd field

12:00pm            Presentation of Wall Hangings (raffle)

12:30-1:00         Workshop Registration

1:00-4:30pm      Classes in basement (fee)

1:00-1:30pm      Demo: Bridget Thompson-Sculpting with Epoxy

1:30-2:00pm      Demo: Vicki Beard-Attaching Ring Supports to Gourds

2:00-2:30pm      Demo: Melanie Daniels-Heat Embossing

2:30-3:00 pm     Demo: Margaret (Mug) Schroeder-Resists

3:00-3:30pm      Demo: Peter Bell- Tour of gourd field

3:30-4:00pm      Ed McAuley-Repairing Cracks in Gourds

3:30-4:00pm      Removal of competition gourds

5:00pm Closing and Clean-up


Anyone who would like to bring their gourd art

 to display in the CGS Gallery please do!

CGS Workshop  



Report from Cherokee 2005 by Darienne McAuley

Imagine 500 gourd artists, including top USA selling artists and teachers, all together in one incredibly  beautiful spot in the Smokies, teaching and taking dozens of workshops and classes, demonstrating techniques, buying gourds and gourd-related supplies, eating, laughing, exchanging information, talking endlessly into the night....that was Cherokee 2005.  There was a materials swap, an auction of finished pieces, a raffle, a chocolate tasting event, a gourd exchange, wonderful Cherokee food, and…..too much rain....way too much rain.  And we were there for the second year in a row.


There were 6 of us from Canada this year: Ed and I, Melanie and Rick Daniels, and Louise Warner-McDougall and her husband.  Mel and Rick and Ed and I drove down convoy-style—that alone was great fun and a first for us. 


The classes were so varied.  I took a class in covering gourds in leather strips, while Mel took several, one using a new and wonderful silver clay which fires to 99% pure silver.  I taught four classes in coiling to enthusiastic students.   It’s always a treat to teach keen students.


I would urge anyone who possibly can to attend this unusual event next year. For more information click here.



Here is a partial listing of the interesting Vendors that will be presenting their unique art and skills at Gourd Fest. They are:


1.)     Jeff Menzies – Toronto artist and instrument maker. Specialty – Banjos & bass fiddles


2.)     ”Unconventional Art” Steve Genereaux will be bringing a fabulous array of his work & knowledge. Steve works in many mediums, gourds only being one.


3.)     Sea Grass Baskets – Ursula will be back again this year with her beautiful hand-made sea grass baskets.


4.)     Paul Ross – Chalet Wood Crafts – Artist & wood-turner. He will be demonstrating and will be certain to have a captive audience.


5.)     Cathy Siroski from The Rubber Room – (Don’t you just love that name!) She will be demonstrating rubber-stamping and card making and will have lots of stamps for sale!


6.)     Linda Smith from Bee-Wearables - A painter who has taken it a step further with beautiful hand-painted watches and clothing.


7.)     John Proctor & Dianna Stahle – If you are looking for great embellishments and other gourd items this is the booth for you. John will also be teaching a 1-day drum-making workshop at Gourd Fest.


8.)     Thompson’s Woodcarving – Bridget & Moe are not only a delight but also carry the best wood burning and carving tools imaginable.


 9.) Northern Dipper – Gourds, books, pine needles, dyes and more!


Gourd growing - pollinate, pollinate and pollinate some more!

Your vines should be growing leaps and bounds if you are having a long hot summer. For those areas that are experiencing a lot of rain you may notice that your stems are splitting. There is nothing you can do about this; only cross your fingers that the sun will come out and that your vines will survive.


This is the time where you should be out at night pollinating. If you find that you have many male flowers and not too many females check out that main vine. Just follow it along from the ground if possible and cut the tip using a sharp Exactor knife. This will cause more growth in the laterals or side vines where the female flowers are.


The flower abundance also depends on variety. For example we have so many female Apple gourd flowers yet the Cannonball flowers are very slow to come out. Somehow it always seems to work out in the end.


As you can see from the picture we use paintbrushes attached to a long stick. There is a crew every night in the field and if we all had to bend we would soon be experiencing bad backs!


The gourd field is lovely in the evening. The air is fresh and cool and it is a great spot to relax and gather one’s thoughts and still get something accomplished. At Gourd Fest Peter will be giving field tours so if you are here don’t be shy – ask questions and you will receive very good answers. He is a great tour guide!


At Northern Dipper…

It has been hot: + 34 C on average every day with the Humidex at 42. Very dry – only 1/8” of rain in June and no rain in July until last night. It is still coming and going and we have had 1 1/4". Another inch or two is what we need. The gourds are plentiful this year with lots of flowers. Re: Gourd Fest - We are almost ready for next weekend.


 Left - male flower  Right - female flower

To see photos of growing gourds click here.

NEXT ISSUE:   The highlights of Gourd Fest 05 will be presented.  We are excited as we’ve seen the Competition Gourds pour in and can only imagine the wonderful art that will be displayed. Next Issue we will share all of this with you!

See you then… Pam Grossi & Peter Bell


Now Available: We have added back issues of our newsletter Gourd Fever to our Website. If you have missed any issues there are some interesting tutorials and grow information that you may want to get caught up on. To view click here.


PS If you have any stories or ideas that you would like to contribute to this newsletter please send to info@northerndipper.com


Volume 1, Number 5


Email: info@northerndipper.com

In this issue

When & Where – How To Get To Gourd Fest


Calender of Events


Report from Cherokee by Darienne McAuley


Vendors - Banjo Makers, Seagrass Baskets, Wood Turners & More!


Gourd Grow Report – Get Pollinating As Now Is The Time!


Cactus in Gourd Pot


 Gift Basket 



Texture & Color


Carved Gourd


Painted Birdhouse 

Exact Measurements

Lacework Cutting by Vicki Beard


   Gourd Mask


“Fish” by Cedar Wallace – West Coast Canadian Artist

All of the above pictures are winners & entries from past gourd festivals.


Darienne McAuley


Chipmunks & mice have “Most Wanted” signs up for our cat Blackie

Sunset at Northern Dipper.

 Evening Flowers

Peter Out Pollinating


Young Marankas 


Gourd by Claudette Hart, Artist

from Merrickville, Ont.


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