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  Creative Joy by Featured Artist Pat Boyd

In This Issue: This month we have a very special guest; featured artist Pat Boyd. Pat's figurative gourd sculpture will take your mind to Kenya, Africa where you will experience the colours and patterns of everyday life.
We are introducing a new section called Reader's Corner. Here we will present photos and comments from our readers. For this first segment however, we are going to have an introduction closer to home; the Northern Dipper retail store. This is where many of our readers have met so therefore it only seems appropriate that it be our starting point.
The December tutorial is a subject on which we get many letters throughout the year - How do you seal the inside of a gourd and with what? There is the monthly gourd sighting plus some great monthly specials. Curl up with a cup of hot bosco, make yourself comfortable and enjoy this month's Issue of Gourd Fever.

Drying Bushel and Cannonballs 
Cannonballs will sometimes dry with a sick looking, orangy mold. Do not be alarmed - this is normal.  

 Back By Popular Demand 
  These sales were very popular last month.
We have been asked by a few customers if
we will be having them again so here goes! 

Mini Gourds ( Almost Sold Out )
(Includes Bottle, White Ball & White Egg)
75 cents each 
 50 for $35.00
 100- $65.00
20% off all: Apples, Warties
and Dippers
 10% off: Kettles 
15% off: Cleaned Guatemalan Gourds
 (An additional $1.50 cleaning charge is 
applied to the Guatemalan gourds.)
Sales are applicable for both Internet orders
and farm visits.
Must be shipped in the month of December.
   To view dried gourds click here.

For  DIRECTIONS To Northern Dipper
To view a map of the location of Northern Dipper
 To print out our map click here. 

Featured Artist
Patricia C Boyd
"I want my work to tell a story and speak to your heart..." 
  Love Entrusted by Pat Boyd
Art has a purpose. It opens up our eyes to different interpretations of the world and through various mediums can influence our thoughts and perceptions. It can be powerful and is able to create an emotional response from the viewer. 
This months featured artist, Pat Boyd, accomplishes this with ease. A native of Pasadena, California, Pat has a passion for gourds. Her art, which portrays life, love and family, has captivated
an international audience.
Rain Warrior
Pat has always been involved with art. Her grandparents and her mother, who is an accomplished artist in her own right, fostered Pat’s creativity when she was a young girl. Gourds entered the picture more recently when Pat’s sister happened to take a gourd workshop. Pat dabbled with gourds, but it was a trip to Kenya, Africa that inspired Pat and brought her to a place that felt natural.  

    Towel Holder

Each piece is unique and one of a kind. Pat will incorporate many gourds into a single sculpture to achieve its flowing lines. She uses many natural materials to embellish including bone, fabric, wood, beads and metal.      

  Lean On Me
Pat exhibits at many galleries throughout the US and her work is found in art collections worldwide. She does attend some gourd events so be sure to check out her website for upcoming schedules.  

  Oil of Gladness
To view more of Pat Boyd's figurative gourd art click here.   
Thank you very much Pat. It was a pleasure working with you. We love your art - it really is wonderful -  and look forward
to seeing future pieces.
 (All photos for this article were provided by Pat Boyd)

Tutorial: Sealing A Gourd Using Apoxie Paste

This flower pot will not leak moisture. This process can be
used for many things including birdfeeders.
Apoxie Paste is an innovative product that permanently fills, bonds, seals, & repairs most materials. It is a semi-fluid, 2-part medium that must be mixed thoroughly in equal parts. Easy and safe to use, Apoxie Paste is waterproof with 0% shrinkage or cracking. Apoxie Paste is non-toxic.
The tutorial, written by Carolyn Cooper, is in the yellow right hand column and is in 6 easy steps. Scroll up and you will see Step 1.
Apoxie Paste is waterproof and non - toxic.
As a note of interest, Apoxie Paste can be used to mend cement garden sculpture and for antique restoration, home, toy and doll repairs, glass art, model making, jewellery and even taxidermy applications. Once this product is cured, it is also safe for aquatic life. (aquarium work)  
To learn more about Apoxie Paste click here.

Reader's Corner  
This month, for our first Reader's Corner, we are visiting the Northern Dipper retail shop as this is where many of our readers meet. Next month we will have pictures and comments from our readers themselves.

The retail shop at Northern Dipper is warm, inviting and interesting with lots to look at and even more to do. It is one stop shopping for all of your gourding needs. We like it when our customers try out our products before buying. This way we know that when they leave, they will be both satisfied and well - informed.
We also have a great selection of wooden items that we have made – we just love all things natural!  There are wall hangings, porch decorations and even some hand crafted furniture.

We look forward to seeing you over the Christmas season. To make a day of it, gather some friends, have a nice lunch in Cookstown and then drive six  kilometres to Northern Dipper to have some fun. Check out our winter hours - during the week please call at 705/435-3307 to let us know you are coming.
New at Northern Dipper
Gift Certificates
 Perfect for stocking stuffers, gift exchanges or for that special person who would like to take a workshop or stock up on supplies.
Available in Cdn $ only.
We have broadened our book selection to include both art books and instructional books.
To view our book selection click here.
Please send in pictures or comments to Reader's Corner. We need you to make this column successful! Click here to contribute.

Drying Tip For The Gardeners
 These gourds are drying quite nicely. Get them up off the
ground for the winter. If you have mice or chipmunks cover
your gourds with fine wire. Both of these rodents will chew holes in the gourds to get at the seeds. 
Our friend Ed McAuley of Singing Dog Studio solved his chipmunk problem. He opens up his dried gourds (not green gourds) and lets the chipmunks do the cleaning for him. They are left spotless and there is no destruction to the gourd shell. Talk about chipmunks being labour-saving devices!

Dear Carolyn!

Dear Carolyn,

I have been experimenting with the Apoxie Sculpt and have made some pretty impressive handles for my gourd bowls. I was also really pleased with how easily I could make little decorative feet to help balance some of my uneven bowls. My problem is that sculpt sticks to some of my tools causing tearing while I'm trying to tool it.  Any ideas?


Anna Marie Sforza – Halifax, Nova Scotia
 The leaves on Legolas's Lothlorien Bow from
Lord of the Rings was sculpted with Apoxie Sculpt
Dear Anna Marie,

I'm really glad you are finding so many uses for the Apoxie Sculpt.  I think one of my favorite things about it is how amazingly it sticks to the gourd. Although you can use any type of tools for sculpturing, you will find that the Apoxie Sculpt sticks more to wood than the metal tools. You can still use them,  just keep dipping them in either the Apoxie Safety Solvent or water. Either one will help solve the problem. If you are sculpting just using your fingers, do the same thing and just keep dipping them into the water. Just don't soak the project.


To see how the leaves on Legolas's bow were done click here.  

There are 2 projects on How To Use Apoxie Sculpt in Issue 22 of Gourd Fever. To get to the Gourd Fever Back Issues click here.
To send in questions to Dear Carolyn! click here.

  Spawning Pacific Salmon 
  Spawning Salmon at Goldstream Provincial Park,
Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Every autumn, for about 9 weeks, millions of salmon forge their way up the countless number of streams of the Pacific Northwest to spawn and die. Chum salmon are the most abundant at Goldstream but there are some Coho and Chinook salmon as well. 
 The males develop big, hooked jaws and large, strong teeth once they approach sexual maturity. These teeth can cause severe wounds to other males when fighting over the redd. The redd is the nest where the females are laying the eggs.
In March, once the spring rains come, the salmon eggs hatch into tiny 'alevins" Young Chums soon leave the gravel of the stream and head out to sea. Natural predators are eagles, sea gulls, mink, raccoons and bears. 
To learn more about spawning salmon and Goldstream Park click here.
To learn more about the life cycles of salmon click here. 

In January, particularly up here in the snow belt, we like we need to... think of spring. In this Issue spring will be the theme beginning with our featured artist Andrée Piche. Andrée hails from Quebec, Canada and her work and personality, as you will soon discover, is both fresh and fun. There will also be an article on gourd seed selection, which is very spring like, as well as a tutorial, which is always popular.
For a change of pace we are going to include an article on trade shows. Many of you are seasoned Vendors but many are contemplating  whether to go this route or not with their art. Peter Bell and Pam Grossi, with their many years of international show experience, will discuss the pros and cons – what show is the right show, price points, booth displays and getting ready.
Until that time, Happy Holidays... We wish every one of you a safe and peaceful Christmas. See you in the New Year!

                            Carolyn Cooper and Linda Bond

Back issues of our newsletter Gourd Fever are on our Website. If you have missed any issues there are some fasinating featured artists, interesting tutorials and grow information you may want to check out.


PS If you have any stories or ideas that you would like to contribute to this newsletter please send to


Volume 2, Number 23 


In this Issue: 
Featured Artist Patricia Boyd: 
Bringing Gourd Art Alive
Tutorial:  Sealing The Inside of a Gourd: Suitable for Plant Pots to Bird Feeders 
NEW! Reader's Corner
Dear Carolyn!
Gourd Sightings & Trivia

Gourds For All Seasons

Christmas Ornament 
To view more gourd art
click here. 

at Northern Dipper
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 Monday – Friday
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 Sat and Sun - Drop-In Days
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Old Time Santa
"Old Time Santa" 
Work In progress using Apoxie Sculpt
To learn more about Apoxie Sculpt click here.

 Pat Boyd 
 Bringing Gourd Art Alive
 Pat Boyd is as beautiful as her sculpture.
Side view of Love Entrusted
  Break'in Loose
 Wall Art
  Shaker gourd on stick
Living Sounds
 Close - up of the fine detail Pat uses
in her art.

   TUTORIAL: How To Seal A Gourd
Using Apoxie Paste 
 Required Tools

Cleaned gourd

Scraping tool


Wood burner (optional)

Rubber gloves

Cheap paintbrush

Styrofoam cups

Craft sticks (or a good fork if your spouse isn't watching you)

Empty margarine container or such


    Take your cleaned gourd and cut
off the top according to what design you would like.  I did mine so the finished piece will look like basket weaving.  After cutting off the top of the gourd, using the gourd scraper, scrape the inside clean. Don't forget to wear a mask while doing the cleaning process of the gourd.

Sand the inside of the gourd with coarse sandpaper. The sandpaper in the photo is used with woodturning. It isn't necessary to get the gourd completely smoothed; just sand down the looser rougher spots. Vacuum the inside of your gourd thoroughly after sanding.


 At this point I choose to do my detailing using the Razertip burner
and  FX 1M Pen.
I use the Styrofoam cups only to measure equal parts of A & B. 
Put the measured amount in a microwave safe plastic container and mix well for about two minutes. To make the paste thinner, microwave at 15 second increments to a brushable consistency. Be careful, the product will be hot and sticky.


You can add any colour of your choice to the mixture. Only a few drops is required. I've chosen a Terra Cotta acrylic paint from Americana.


Brush mixture to the inside of the gourd.  Although working time is 2-3 hours, I found it is best to move along so the mixture stays warm and easy to spread.


 After it sets a bit, about 1/2 hour,  I put my latex gloves back on. I moisten my fingers with water and smooth the apoxy inside the gourd. Let the gourd cure at least over night. 


To clean up simply use water or use Apoxie Safety Solvent.

        New Books
at Northern Dipper!
This truly amazing book brings together
over 20 artists. Along the way,
 the artists will teach you new and inventive techniques to help you master some sophisticated projects. 
A practical beginner's guide to playing gourd percussion instruments by Alycin Hayes.
Alycin travels the world every year playing
 her large selection of percussion instruments
while having some fascinating adventures.

  Gourd Sightings
  These gourds were spotted in a small
shop in Gemany a couple of years ago.
This shop was filled with masks, puppets
and other unusual art objects.
It's amazing what some people
can do with a single sheet of paper.   
Thank you Bev Williams of
Williams Design Studio.
This paper art is very cool!

 Goldstream Provincial Park Hosts Millions of Spawning Salmon

  Native fisherman use nets and hooks to catch spawning salmon. The salmon will be smoked and will be delicious.
Dogs must be kept out of the water
when there are salmon spawning.
The scent of a dog will frighten fish
hundreds of feet downstream.
"And that means you Royal...
Sorry Little Puppy"
Old Growth Forest
These trees are hundreds of years old.
If only trees could talk....

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